Dear Jeni: How do I check my dog for ticks? 
As winter fades away and the warmer weather returns, so does the tick population. So, how do you make sure you are properly checking your pet for ticks after being outside? Most times ticks are easy to see; they are the size of a pea and dark in appearance.

Step one should always be checking your pets coat. Starting at the head, run your fingers through their fur using gentle pressure to feel for any small bumps.

Take the extra time too search specific areas where ticks like to latch on. The ears are usually the main offender, as they are dark, moist areas that ticks can easily hide in. Other areas such as the groin, eyes, and eyelids, under the collar, between legs, between toes, and under the tail should also be checked.

Removing ticks should be done very carefully. Tweezers or a special tick removal tool should get the job done. Get as close to the skin as possible and pull straight out without squeezing the body of the check. Place the tick in a sealed container and dispose of it immediately. By following these tips, you can feel good about keeping your pets safe while letting them enjoy the outdoors!