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Dog Obedience Training in Brockton, MA

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We believe in a motivational-based training program for you and your beloved pet. Our philosophy is that you, as an owner, can be a trusted “pack leader” in a manner that teaches, supports, and motivates your dog without using fear or intimidation. Learning how to properly use your voice and body movements, while also building confidence, is an integral part of our training program.


It is your dog’s instinct to want to please you. We believe in changing a dog’s behavior by taking teachable moments and creating success while rewarding positive behavior. This is created through three phases that include teaching, practicing, and testing, which leads to a confident dog who believes in him/herself. By combining our expertise in dog training, along with providing compassion and support, you and your pup will be sure to develop a lifelong harmonious relationship. 

Motivational Obedience Training


Group Classes

Who is this good for?

For dogs 1 year & older

$175 - 5 classes (1 hour per week)

Your dog will enjoy learning more advanced commands as we continue to build on canine vocabulary. Commands such as sit (good greeting manners), auto sit, leave it, down (eliminating sit first), release word, stand, finish, back, and many others. Our trainers focus on refining and tuning your basic handling skills. There will be a primary focus on loose leash walking for enjoyable walks as your puppy is almost full-grown. We continue to work on home issues such as: Jumping up, nipping, biting, eating rocks or toys, and digging. We also include time for free play, so the dogs learn to interact and play appropriately.

Upcoming Classes:

Tuesdays at 6:00pm | Starting April 11th with Aaron (5 weeks)
Saturdays at 11:20am | Starting April 22nd with Joselyn (5 weeks)

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