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At JM Pet Resort & Veterinary Clinic, our mission is to support lifelong harmonious relationships between people and their pets.

We designed our full range of amenities to support all the factors that make your pet who they are — the nature of their breed, the nurture of their early socialization, their physical and mental health, environments, and relationships.

This philosophy is about more than just offering a wide span of services. It’s about supporting your lifelong relationship with your pet, by helping your pet become the best possible version of themselves.

Supporting All Ages and Stages of Your Pet’s Life

We are committed to your pet's ongoing wellness, from the puppy and kitten days to the senior years and everything in between. We attend to your fur-baby's developmental needs, important vaccinations, and essential early socialization. As your pet matures, we’re your trusted resource for their nutrition, skin and coat care, obedience training, exercise, and more. Each service in our 360° of Happy Health® is designed to grow with your pet, to give them what they need at every stage of life.

More Than Just a One-Stop Shop

Rather than a list of separate services, we approach pet care as a circle of intertwined aspects of your pet's health and wellbeing. Your pet's physical health is not exclusive from their emotional wellness, socialization, or environment. That’s why our amenities are specifically designed to be cross-functional; maximizing the value of each service for you and your pet.

Peace of Mind for Pet Parents

Perhaps the most important thing we deliver to pet parents is peace of mind. 360° of Happy Health® means that when your pet comes to our facility — whether for a nail trim, a training class, to kick back in our Kitty Condos, or to let loose in PLAYtrain® Doggie Daycare — you can trust they will be supported across all areas of their health, behavior, and happiness. From the moment their paws step across the doorway, your pet becomes a part of our family. We support your lifelong relationship with your best friend by caring for all aspects of your pet's life — to achieve a full 360° of Happy Health®. 

What Our Customers Say

We love all of our customers throughout the South Shore, including Brockton, Easton, Mansfield, Stoughton, Taunton, RaynhamBridgewater, Randolph, WeymouthSharon, Boston, Canton, West Bridgewater, Avon, Norton, Foxborough, Lakeville, and more.

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