Dear Jeni: My dog is well behaved, but I feel bad when I have to go to work and leave him all alone for hours. Should I get a second dog?     

Dogs are pack animals by nature. They are hard wired to live within a group and, because of this, It can be hard for them to be alone at times. Lonely dogs often suffer from separation anxiety which can lead to some destructive behaviors, even in otherwise well behaved dogs. Getting a second dog may not solve these problems, but in many cases, it does help. Having a second dog can help curb a dogs loneliness and give them someone to play with and occupy their time while their owner is away. Introducing a new dog takes time and should be taken one step at a time. Your first dog may get jealous of having to share their companion with another dog, so it’s best to try to give them equal attention.    

  • Jeni (aka The Doglady)