We are running out of time to pass protection laws for our pets! The Ollie's Law Coalition has been working for the past two years to pass a bill that would require doggie daycares and boarding facilities to have basic safety regulations to prevent dogs from being injured or killed.       

We only have until July 31st to get this bill from the Senate Committee of Ways and Means (where it currently sits) to be voted on by the House of Representatives, and then onward to the Governer. This means we need the Senate Committee of Ways and Means to act NOW.       

The Ollie's Law Coalition needs your help to call upon the Senate Committee of Ways and Means, to move Bill S. 1322 (“The Puppies and Kittens Act”) forward!        

Read on to learn how you can lend your voice to help get this bill passed, and scroll down to find a prewritten script that you can use to send an email or letter to your Senators. Want to learn more? Watch our Facebook Live with President Jeni Mather.      

4 Easy Ways You Can Help Today!

1. Contact the Senate President: Karen Spilka

Senator Karen Spilka       

Mailing Address:
State House
24 Beacon Street
Room 332
Boston, MA 02133       

Phone: 617-722-1500       

Email: karen.spilka@masenate.gov     

2. Contact the Chair of the Senate Ways and Means Committee: Senator Michael Rodrigues

Senator Michael Rodrigues       

Mailing Address:
State House
24 Beacon Street
Room 212
Boston, MA 02133       

Phone: 617-722-1114       

Email: michael.rodrigues@masenate.gov       

3. Contact Your State Senator

Click here to find your State Senator based on your mailing address, and contact them urging them to support this bill today.       

4. Sign Your Name In Support

Click here to add your name in support of this bill.       


Use the Script Below to Email or Mail a Letter to Your State Senators

Dear Senator [LAST NAME]:       

As a resident of Massachusetts, I am writing to urge you to support Bill S.1322, An Act protecting the health and safety of puppies and kittens in cities and towns.        

Bill S. 1322 is reasonable, achievable, and necessary to protect the health and safety of pets and pet owners in Massachusetts. Without safety regulations and oversight, beloved pets will continue to suffer preventable injuries, sicknesses, and deaths at daycares and boarding facilities due to a lack of regulation for the business owners caring for these animals.       

Massachusetts pet owners deserve to feel safe when dropping off their animal companions at daycare and boarding facilities. We deserve the peace of mind knowing that pet care businesses are required to follow basic safety regulations to take care of our animal family members.       

I urge you, and the entire Senate Committee of Ways and Means, to act now on Bill S. 1322 before another pet owner in Massachusetts suffers a preventable tragedy.        

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.