Meet Cat, Hospital Manager at JM Pet Resort & Veterinary Clinic, and her fur-baby Widget (a.k.a. Manny the Landscaper, or Little Old Man). Widget is a 18-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix.
At JM Pet Resort & Veterinary Clinic, we know how it feels to be a pet parent, because many of us are pet parents ourselves! We want the best for our fur-babies, just like you do. In our Team Picks series, we're sharing which foods, treats, toys, and other pet care products our JM team members love for their own pets at home. Check out Cat and Widget's favorite picks from our Retail Store.

Cat and Widget love... 

  • Synovi G4 Joint Health Supplements
  • King Calm CBD Oil
  • Austin and Kat CBD Treats
  • Super Snouts Chill+Out Chews
  • Earthborn kibble
  • Zignature kibble
  • Northwest Naturals raw pet food


Cat switches Widget's kibble between brands, to keep his gut healthy

"For Widget's kibble, I switch it up from Earthborn to Zignature to ORIJEN. I like to switch it up to prevent sensitive stomach, and I only give him what we have here on the shelves because I know it has been thoroughly researched and monitored to meet our high standards here at JM!"
Want to better understand your dog's diet? Download our free "Dish on Nutrish" guide to learn about food labels, ingredients, and well-balanced diets for dogs.

CBD oil has helped to treat Widget's seizures as he ages

"Widget used to suffer from weekly to monthly seizures. The frequency varied, but a month did not pass that he did not have seizures while on seizure meds. I carefully started adding CBD oil, until I felt confident in the dosage and results. Now he may have a seizure once every 6-8 months! Even better: His seizures used to come in clusters and go in and out for 5-10 minutes. Now, when he does have a seizure, it's only one and lasts for about 1 minute!"

Synovi G4 keeps Widget's joints young even at 17 years old

"Synovi G4 supplements have made an amazing difference in Widget's mobility at 17 yeasr old! He used to be stiff after napping or have a hard time with our stairs. Now he runs around like a puppy! I firmly believe that the combination of CBD oil, Synovi G4 supplements, and adding raw food to his diet play a huge role in my boy being a happy, healthy senior."