On Wednesday, November 17, JM Pet Resort and JM Pet Vet Clinic were proud to host a Rally in Support of Ollie’s Law, an act to regulate dog daycares and boarding facilities in Massachusetts.    

Attendees gathered in the JM Pet Resort parking lot to hear from a diverse group of speakers showing their support for this bill, including our own Jeni Mather, President of JM Pet Resort and JM Pet Vet Clinic; Amy Baxter, Ollie’s mom; Representative Brian M. Ashe, who sponsored and filed this bill; Brockton Mayor Robert Sullivan; Attorney Jeremy Cohen of Boston Dog Lawyers; and representatives from animal welfare and advocacy groups.         

Missed the event? Watch the recording on Ollie’s Law Facebook Page.         

What is Ollie's Law?         

Bill H305, aka “Ollie’s Law,” is named in honor of a sweet 7-month-old Labradoodle who was tragically mauled at a dog daycare facility and subsequently died of his injuries. After losing her family’s beloved fur-baby far too soon, Ollie’s mom, Amy Baxter, wanted to take action to prevent a similar tragedy from happening to another family.         

Currently, there are no statewide safety regulations for dog daycare and boarding facilities in this state, leaving business owners on their own to research and develop their own safety practices and training for employees.          

Ollie’s Law is a thoughtfully, carefully crafted bill by a group of caring, educated, like-minded professionals. This bill seeks to implement fair and attainable safety regulations that businesses of all sizes are able to reasonably meet. Our President Jeni Mather has been closely involved in crafting this bill, in collaboration with a diverse group of like-minded professionals, to ensure that it protects animals and pet owners without overregulating small businesses.         

While we are very proud that JM Pet Resort has comprehensive safety protocols for the animals in our care (developed through years of experience and self-education), there is no guidance for new business owners on what safety standards should look like when running a dog daycare or boarding facility. 

"Ollie's Law" is a bill to introduce fair and attainable safety regulations for dog daycares, giving business owners practical safety protocols they can reasonably implement to protect the animals in their care and their team members. JM Pet Resort is proud to support Ollie's Law and to be working with a group of like-minded professionals to lead the industry in developing practical regulations that protect animals and their owners. Our goal is to fairly regulate the industry with practices that are attainable to all businesses.         

You Can Help Us Get Ollie’s Law Passed         

Your voice is important in helping us to move Ollie’s Law forward in the legislative process. Contact your state senator and state representative and ask them to co-sponsor bill H. 305 (Ollie’s Law).         

Not sure who represents you? Visit www.wheredoivotema.com         

Follow the Ollie’s Law Facebook Page for updates about this important bill.