Dear Jeni: My dog is on a harness when we take a walk. It works well, but he still sometimes pulls. He doesn’t like to use a Halti.What do you recommend?        

If you’re struggling with leash pulling, here’s the scoop on using a harness vs. a Halti as dog walking tools.        

A harness distributes tension across your dog’s chest, which actually makes it more comfortable for him to pull. This is great for sled dogs in the tundra, but most of us don’t need our pup to pull a heavy sled! A Halti sits around your dog’s face, with the leash clipped under his chin. Think of it like a horse bridle, but for dogs. When using a Halti, the nose and head lead the dog’s body, giving you more control and preventing oppositional reflex — your dog’s natural desire to resist or pull against tension in the leash.        

Wearing a Halti is a new sensation for most dogs, so it’s important to spend time desensitizing your dog to the feeling before walking with it. First, make sure it’s sized properly. If the Halti is too small, it may press uncomfortably on your dog’s nose or head. Start by placing the Halti over his nose while feeding his favorite treats, then take it off — repeat this multiple times. Gradually work up to clipping it around his head. When he’s comfortable, try attaching the leash to the Halti for a short walk. Talk to your pet supply shop about fitting your dog with the right size Halti. Soon, you can stroll around the block with your happy pet by your side!