Dear Jeni Q&A:      

What are some fall considerations regarding my newly adopted dog?     


The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, and fall is in the air! Just like any other season, fall presents its list of risk factors for your dog. Here's how to keep them happy and healthy.    

Anti-freeze. As the weather gets colder, most people replace the anti-freeze in their car. This type of liquid spills very easily and should be cleaned up immediately as it presents, they risk to canine health.    

Mushrooms. While most mushrooms don't pose risks, some wild mushrooms can be extremely dangerous if ingested by your pup. It's best to steer clear completely, but if your dog does consume wild mushrooms, you can always contact the Animal Poison Control to be safe.    

Hibernation. Snakes spend the fall preparing for a long winter underground; this includes aggressively gathering food. If you are out walking your dog, make sure to keep them a safe distance from brush and overgrown plants, as these are the primary homes of potentially venomous snakes. As we begin to lose sunlight, keep a flashlight on hand and walk on common paths to keep you and your dog safe.