Dear Jeni Q&A:  

What advice do you have for taking my dog to the beach?  


If your pup is coming along for a beach day, make sure you don't forget these CORG-key safety tips! 

First things first - check that the beach you are traveling to is dog-friendly. 

Avoid litter! On your beach walk, you may encounter broken bottles, trash, or food that could be dangerous to your dog. Stay vigilant! 

Hot sand. If the sand is hot for you to walk on, it's hot for your pup to walk on. 

No saltwater. Do NOT let your dog drink saltwater as this could very easily upset their stomach. Be sure to bring plenty of water and a collapsible bowl on your walk.  

Water safety. If your dog is going in the water, make sure that they have a life vest on! Even dogs who are excellent swimmers can easily get caught in a riptide or a large wave. 

When they come out of the water, check for cuts or scrapes; rocks, shells, and corals can easily scratch up your dog’s paws or legs. Bring a leash and collar. 

Make sure your dog has a proper ID tag on and bring a leash. If your dog isn't great don't risk letting them off leash. Enjoy your beach day and don't forget sunscreen for yourself!