Dear Jeni: Any advice while I am home for the summer with my dog?     

The hot weather is on the way. Is your dog ready for it? Here are some easy ways to keep your dog cool during the warmer seasons! Walk your dog early, or late! It's best to get your pup out and moving when the sun isn't at full strength with early morning being most ideal. Also, consider a cooling vest for walks! Make sure fresh water is always available. Your dog needs access to fresh, clean water at all times. During hot weather, they'll need even more. You may want to leave out an extra bowl just to be safe.    

Haircuts can be a great way to help keep long coated dogs cool; trimming off extra layers will go a long way in making your pup comfortable. Swimming is a great way to get your pup exercise without overheating! Oceans, rivers, and lakes are all great options but make sure that the water has been tested and that conditions are safe. Dog pools or kiddie pools are also a convenient and inexpensive option. While being with your pup at all times makes for great companionship, it is important for dogs too spend some time in their own space so they continue to remain calm even if you're not around.
- Jeni (aka The Doglady)