Are you hosting a big party, and you know the large number of guests will make your cat feel stressed? Having your bathroom remodeled, and worried the contracting crew may accidentally leave gates or doors open? Does your kitty get anxious when left home alone for too long?         

We got you! Book your cat for a Kitty Day Stay at JM Pet Resort and Veterinary Clinic to give your fur-baby special attention and their own individual space in a quiet, peaceful environment.         

What is a Kitty Day Stay?

Unlike an overnight Cat Boarding stay, a Day Stay is just that—for the day! The day-long stay allows your cat to be cared for while you’re working, on the go, or otherwise unavailable to care for them during the day. The great part is they won’t miss you too much since you’ll be reunited in the evening. (Upon request, we will feed your kitty for you as well.)         

If you have a dog that visits with us, you may have heard the term ‘Day Stay’ before. A Dog Day Stay includes top animal care, time for rest, enrichment, potty breaks, and a special treat. A Kitty Day Stay is similar, but formulated for your cat.         

A Kitty Day Stay takes place in our relaxing and secure Cat Boarding area, located far from our Dog Boarding suites. Our expert staff understands feline behavior, and we love having FUR-iends visit in our quiet Kitty Condos. The versatile space includes three lodging suite options (Kitty Villas, Luxury Suites, and Presidential Suites) as well as a spacious play area. This allows your cat to have plenty of privacy and no interaction with other felines. An individualized area complete with bedding, water, and a litter box is available to your cat all day. You also can add Health4PETSⓇ Extras to your cat’s stay, including pampering, playtime, enrichment activities, and more!  

Upgrade with Health4PETS® Extras

You can elevate the experience by adding Health4PETSⓇ Extras to your cat’s stay, including pampering, playtime, enrichment activities, and more!   

A simple catnip toy can give your cat incentive to play if they’re used to napping the day away, and you’d like them to be a bit more active. The mouse-disguised catnip toy promotes healthy play and indulges their hunting instincts.  

Is catnip not their style? No worries, we also offer Personal Play and Cuddle Time with a team member. This one-on-one time with your cat will socialize them in a quiet and individual manner with a designated staff member, trained in feline behavior.  

If your feline is born to roam, consider a Playroom Play. Your cat will rule the kingdom as they indulge in some kitty playtime favorites. They can explore to their heart’s desire as they have the open room to themselves! Our Cat Boarding facility includes a cat tower, scratchers, tunnels, stick toys, and more. No matter their favorite way to play, we’re game!  

Are your cat’s claws growing out a bit too long? It’s only natural- cat’s need their claws to survive and thrive, but don’t let them cut into your cuddle time. Book a Nail Trim- one of our pampering Health4PETS® Extras- to have them FELINE fresh again! Though they groom themselves, cats still require routine personal care. Staying up to date with Cat Grooming is vital to their behavior. They’re very purr-ticular creatures, after all!   

When to Bring Your Kitty for a Day Stay

If you’ll be leaving your cat alone, it’s always a good idea to ask a friend or pet sitter to check in on your fur-baby to ensure they are safe. If you can’t have someone check on them, we are always ready to welcome your cat! Here are some common scenarios in which you may want to consider a Day Stay for your cat:         

1. When You’re Hosting

Are you hosting a large crowd of people at your home for a special event? Does a visitor have a cat allergy? Perhaps there will be a lot of children playing in and out of the house. Your cat may become stressed or anxious with an influx of unfamiliar visitors in their home space.          

A Kitty Day Stay is a great option to allow your cat to spend their day somewhere safe and quiet, so you can focus on being a great host. Come pick up your cat when the party has ended and the guests have gone home!         

2. During Home Construction

Are you having work or repairs done on your home? Is your cat prone to fleeing when they are startled? If you have a kitty escape artist at home, it can be stressful to have contractors, painters, and other professionals coming in and out of your house all day. Home projects often come with loud noises, equipment, and unfamiliar people that can feel stressful to a cat—and there is the added risk that someone may accidentally leave a door open.          

Book a Kitty Day Stay so your cat can enjoy a relaxing getaway while work takes place at home.  

3. To Make Leaving Home Less Stressful for Your Cat

Booking an occasional Day Stay can also be a great way to desensitize a cat who is prone to feeling stressed when they leave home. If your kitty’s only experience of leaving the house is to go to the veterinarian’s office, they may learn to associate car rides and new environments with anxiety.          

Booking a Day Stay in our Cat Boarding space can give your cat more positive experiences out of the house, helping to teach them that taking a trip doesn’t have to be scary. A Day Stay with our expert cat caretakers can also help your kitty get more comfortable with being handled by new people.          

Keeping your pet safe, happy, and healthy is always our top priority. We are here to give you peace of mind as soon as you drop your pet off with us, knowing that your cat is in a secure environment where there’s always someone looking out fur them!