Dear Jeni Q&A:   

How can I protect my dogs skin and coat from chlorine, sand and salt water this summer?   


Who doesn't want to jump into a pool or swim in the ocean on a beautiful hot summer day? Your four legged family member is no exclusion to this! Just like us our furry friends need protection from the harmful summer elements. To protect your dog’s skin and coats this summer, there are some simple steps to follow.  

The chemicals in chlorine can cause dog’s skin to be dry and itchy and their coat may even become dull and slash or sometimes turn a green color. Lakes and ponds can carry bacteria and or algae that can also be harmful to your dog’s skin and coat. One way of avoiding these issues is to use a conditioning spray over your dog’s coat before going into a pool, pond, or lake. When he's done with his swimming, rinse him with cold water and towel or blow-dry him thoroughly. If your dog has a longer or thicker coat, you may want to re-rinse and brush-out any tangles.  

For all those beachgoers, the sun, salt and sand can be really tough on your dog’s skin. When your day is done, give your dog a thorough brushing to dislodge any uncomfortable sand and salt. Once you get home rinse your dog’s coat again, working your fingers throughout.  

Lastly, don't forget whenever our pets go swimming it is very important to dry out your pets ears and collar. This prevents potential ear infections or hot spots along the neck where the color is worn.