Want to understand where CBD can play a role in improving your fur-baby’s life? We got you!    

Research shows that pet-safe CBD products made from hemp can be a gentle way to help pets with anxiety and nerves, arthritis and aching joints, itchy skin, promoting bone health, and more. We’re here to talk about the most common situations that we encounter where CBD can make a big difference for pets.    

Keep in mind that CBD is not a “quick fix.” It’s important to introduce it into your pet’s body gradually, starting small and working up to an appropriate dose for their needs. If you’re looking to use CBD for a specific event, start weeks in advance, so that by the time the date arrives, you can give your pet an effective dosage.    

Reminder: Always speak to your veterinarian before giving CBD to your pet, especially if they are currently taking any medications. Never give your pet CBD products meant for humans, as these can be toxic for animals.    

Here are four scenarios where CBD can support your fur-baby’s comfort and happiness.     

1. During (and leading up to) holidays

Holidays that seem fun for us can be stressful for our four-legged friends. Think about it from your pet’s perspective: Halloween means lots of strangers (in scary outfits!) waltzing up to your door all night long. New Year’s Eve and Independence Day are known for booming fireworks, which come without any warning for your fur-baby. The sudden noise of fireworks can be extremely startling, causing a flood of stress hormones, increased heart rate and a spike in adrenaline.   

Feeling this level of anxiety is not only uncomfortable, it can make your pet desperate to find a safe place. Dogs and cats are more likely to bolt out the door or flee from your home when they’re scared; and more pets go missing on July 4th than any other day of the year.    

Recommendation: Austin and Kat’s CBD oils are made by blending high quality salmon and plant-based oils with U.S.-grown hemp. Giving your pet a dose of CBD 1-2 hours before festivities begin can calm their nerves and ease physical stress symptoms. In addition to CBD, always provide your pet with a safe space to get away from crowds or noises, such as a crate or closed off room.    

*Tip: For best results using CBD oil, start giving your pet small doses a few weeks in advance of the holiday, and work up to an appropriate dosage, to allow time for it to absorb into your pet’s system and take effect. Ask a pet care expert for help determining the right dosage for your pet.    

2. When you’re leaving for work or an errand

Separation anxiety is becoming more common in our four-legged companions. Whether you’re heading to work or simply leaving your pet home alone while you get groceries, separation anxiety can be stressful for your fur-baby and exhausting for you. This type of anxiety often manifests in destructive behaviors such as obsessive chewing, scratching, or accidents in the house. You may also see physical stress symptoms like excessive whining, panting, pacing, salivating, or barking.   

Recommendation: Super Snouts CHILL+OUT chews are made with chamomile and passionflower to support calm and relaxation. For maximum effectiveness, give your pet a dose of CBD around 30-45 minutes before you begin preparing to leave (before you begin your "leaving rituals" of putting on your shoes and jacket, or grabbing your keys!).    

Bonus Recommendation: If your pet has a habit of chewing or scratching at their skin and fur due to stress, Primal’s AmazeBalm Hemp Ointment blends CBD with soothing butters and essential oils to relieve irritated skin, hot spots, and dryness.    

3. Before heading to the vet, groomer, or taking a car ride

Just like humans, animals can experience situational anxiety triggered by circumstances that make them feel afraid or insecure. Your pet may be cool as a cucumber, and then suddenly turn into a ball of anxiety when you pull up at the vet’s office, the groomer, or simply try to load them into the car.     

We see many dogs and cats who show signs of stress at the vet or the groomer – such as panting, shaking, excessive drooling, or even growling. Some pets experience similar anxiety on car rides, no matter the destination. Once they are stimulated and full of adrenaline, it can be difficult to get through a vet visit or entire grooming session. It may even start to make you feel anxious yourself, which could then heighten your pet’s stress.   

Recommendation: Austin and Kat’s Bailey’s No More Wiggles comes as a CBD chew or an oil, and includes a calming blend of chamomile, passionflower, and valerian root. Offer your fur-baby a dose of CBD around 30-45 minutes in advance of hopping in the car, to mellow their nerves, lower stress signals, and make the experience more pleasant for everyone involved. If you’re using CBD chews, the effect will likely last up to 2-3 hours.    

4. When they’re struggling with chronic pain

Although CBD is not a medication, many pet parents have seen improvements in their fur-baby’s arthritis or other chronic joint pain after using CBD. It's common to notice stiff or restricted movements in senior pets and large breeds, due to hip or joint pain.   

CBD offers a gentle and natural supplement that may help support pain management for some animals. CBD works to reduce pain and inflammation, soothe aching hips and joints, and promote strong, healthy bones. Our JM team member Cat has seen success using CBD oil to help her 17-year-old pup Widget reduce the frequency of seizures and boost his joint health. Read Cat and Widget’s story on our blog.    

Recommendation: Super Snouts Hemp + Joint soft chews are made to support healthy joints, ligaments, and tendons. Before exploring CBD for pain support, speak with your veterinarian or an animal care specialist to discuss your pet’s unique health needs, other medications your pet takes, and to determine the right dosage for your pet.    

Interested in exploring CBD for your pet? We’re here to help!

We are here to make your life easier, and your pet's life happier. Our pet care experts are happy to chat with you about your fur-baby’s individual needs, and how CBD chews or oils may help support your pet's health and wellness. Contact us at 508-588-5661, info@jmpetresort.com, or stop into our Retail store to speak with a pet care specialist in-person!